Jeanbio: a Prime CBD Laboratory

Jeanbio, who specializes in skincare with CBD oil, has invested a lot of resources in equipment and new methods of production of cosmetics. Also, they invested in the testing laboratory where the product formulas are created and tested. And beyond that, they recruited experienced scientists to pursue the company's vision of excellence and innovation. They are solid to develop formulas for other companies or produce batches for them. Customers come from all across Europe and beyond, trusting the quality and professionalism of Jeanbio.

Cosmetics with hemp extracts.

Many competitors dilute their CBD products with hemp seed oil, olive oil, or other types of carrier oils. To know whether the product is pure, you may want to check the ingredient list to see what non-cannabidiol ingredients they included.

It’s essential to notice that while CBD oil and hemp seed oil are both used to treat various illnesses, the two compounds are far apart in the cannabis plant’s botanical structure. The hemp seed oil contains very little CBD (around 0.0025%), but CBD oil is extracted from the leaves of the cannabis plant.

Jeanbio extracts CBD oil from bio hemp leaves from certified growers after good tests from independent labs. 

The suitable investments for the laboratory

In 2012 Fanis Cavallieratos, the twice awarded European cosmetics prizes mastermind of Jeanbio decided to create a new skincare line based on CBD oil extracted from hemp leaves. He realized that the existing technology was insufficient to get pure, high-quality CBD from hemp leaves from the very beginning. Thus, he designed and built a proprietary system capable of extracting CBD oil up to his high standards in the following years. 

Furthermore, he assembled a fully equipped chemistry lab for formula development and batch testing. 

The next big step was the modernization of the IT segment to keep track of materials, stock, production, and quality.

The above innovations would have meant nothing if he had not recruited qualified chemists and staff to run the lab.

All these steps were certified with an ISO-2015 certificate.

A vision of transparency, excellence, and innovation

The innovative formulas mean nothing if one does not use prime ingredients. Nowadays, there is a strong movement among governments to regulate the ingredient policy of cosmetics. If implemented globally, ingredient transparency in consumer products will go more mainstream and global.

In the US, soon-to-be regulations would see more ingredients in cosmetics labeled, helping to inform customers that they can not use this product on the skin. State officials in the US have announced that California issued fragrance allergen regulations. Fragrances will now be labeled on all products, including air fresheners, dish soap, and other household products.

The EU’s ban on claims of "natural" or "chemical-free" cosmetic products may indicate a future where the public begins to care about what goes on in our bodies.

And that is precisely the policy Jeanbio applies from the beginning of developing the skincare line. Fanis Cavallieratos summarizes this concept in a few words: "I market a product only if I can give it to my teenage son!".

Jeanbio skin care products in Europe and beyond

According to a recent analysis of the Global Cannabidiol (CBD) Market, growing awareness of cannabidiol therapeutic potential is hastening market expansion. The entire Global Cannabidiol (CBD) Market expects to reach USD 47.22 Billion by 2028, up from USD 4.9 Billion in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.3 percent, mainly owing to rising demand for cannabidiol (CBD) for health and wellness applications.

And yet, the CBD products industry is faced with the next obstacle: Products marketed as "CBD" yet containing little or no CBD at all, as researchers from Johns Hopkins University found out.

In this promising gray stage, many European businesses decide to work with Jeanbio trusting its quality and professionalism. Their retail customers know that every product they put on their skin is helping to improve their skin condition. That's the kind of results they get from Jeanbio lab.

Jeanbio, in 2022 is working with/for Cosmetics companies in Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, UK, Canada, and Brazil.

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Jeanbio is a laboratory that develops and produces products for the cosmetics industry. The company focuses on developing CBD cosmetics with high-quality CBD extractions. It offers CBD oil extracts in different concentrations and blends to meet the market's needs.

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