Jeanbio: Investing in CBD Development and Quality

Jeanbio is a high-end cosmetics company that produces natural products with hemp leaf extract. Their laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art machines, applies its own methods and formulas for the production of cosmetics not only for the Jeanbio series, but also for other customers in many countries of the European Union and overseas. Following strict protocols they have managed to become the number one in the Greek CBD industry and lately in the European as well.

Jeanbio's mission is to use nature as a source of inspiration and provide solutions from it by combining innovation, creativity and knowledge based on scientific research findings from leading institutions worldwide. They are committed to providing luxury skincare products that meet the high standards set by dermatologists across Europe, as well as those set by reputable international blogs and beauty magazines.

Jeanbio's development is based on the combined work of scientists, dermatologists and chemical Cosmetologists, whose expertise in the production of luxury skincare products guarantees high quality standards that stand out in terms of innovation and scientific research. Jeanbio's formulas in addition to hemp extracts contain organic ingredients from 83 plants, shrubs and trees with many substances that are scarce in today's cosmetics industry.


The importance of the chemistry laboratory in the production of care products with hemp leaf extract is enormous. The company manages to achieve high-quality results by investing in research, because it believes that the right combination of natural ingredients leads to products with exceptional effectiveness. The chemistry laboratory is equipped with the most modern machines, which allows them to follow the most stringent standards and compose products for other customers as well. Each production is controlled by independent chemistry labs in Greece and abroad to ensure the quality of cosmetics.

The research that Jeanbio invested in led to a brand new skin care line with hemp oil (CBD) as the main ingredient. Hemp oil extracts are rich in antioxidants, carotenoids and essential fatty acids. They contribute to the protection of the skin from free radicals and improve its health. The care range is based on high purity hemp extract (99%) with excellent anti-aging properties, which rejuvenates the skin without irritation or side effects.

The Jeanbio Skin Care 34 cosmetics line is constantly enriched. The main categories of use are:

Leaf Treatment

The earth assaults your skin year-round. We can't always prevent the impact of the environment and weather on our health, but we can do our best to safeguard ourselves.

The answer is Jeanbio Leaf Treatment, a line of skincare based on cannabis leaf extract "rich in CBD" and hemp seed oil that combines with other natural active components.

Leaf Elixirs

By delivering highly concentrated formulations of active chemicals, Janbio Elixirs target skin problems. A targeted serum can aid in the treatment of a variety of skin issues.

Face Cleansing

Make-up removal is the first step in taking care of your skin. In order to avoid stressing your skin and maintaining its natural equilibrium, use a pH-neutral make-up remover, which is designed to cleanse your epidermis gently.

A wide selection of cleansers is available to suit your skin type and provide the most effective, gentle, and safe cleaning method.

Leaf Extracts CBD

With the natural goodness present in our Cannabis leaf extract, you may improve your daily well-being routine with the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids. Our premium hemp-derived CBD oil formulations include a comprehensive spectrum of Phyto chemicals, terpenes, and flavonoids such as CBDs.

Body Leaf

Add your Jeanbio body treatment to your cart today. Assist your skin in improving its health and appearance. Pores are cleaned, pollutants are removed, and impurities are eliminated, leaving your body looking younger and feeling better!

Hemp Spa

Jeanbio hemp leaf spa products offer a unique experience in your home. You are able to make your own natural bath oil, foot soak, facial mask, or soap. The hemp leaf extract in these products is rich in CBDs.Leaf Lotion

Lotions are the foundation of all your body care rituals. Their hydrating action penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, leaving it nourished throughout the day while adding a touch of elegance.

Fanis Cavallieratos

Fanis Cavallieratos is the founder of Jeanbio. With the scientific knowledge of cosmetology, with his long experience, but mainly with the vision of quality Greek natural cosmetics, chose experienced chemists, equipped production workshop with modern equipment, has implemented innovative methods of design, production and product certification, and has created a strong brand today recognised by the most demanding professionals.

Jeanbio Boutique

Jeanbio lately, opened a boutique on 46 Panepistimiou Avenue in the center of Athens (Greece). The full range goods based on extracts from Greek hemp leaves and 83 additional natural substances will be available in the shop for tourists from countries of the European Union and all over the world. Come visit us to find out more about our range of products and take advantage of the numerous special offers we have prepared just for you!

To the future

Jeanbio Skin Care is aiming to become the number one in the Greek CBD industry and also in Europe. Jeanbio skin care has been able to find a way to extract high purity hemp extract from medicinal cannabis with 99%. They have combined this extract with other natural active components such as essential fatty acids and arotenoids. This combination is very beneficial for the skin. It is able to protect it from free radicals and improve its health. The care range is based on these high purity hemp extract (99%) with excellent anti-aging properties, which rejuvenates the skin without irritation or side effects.

Jeanbio is the first company to introduce hemp extracts as key components of cosmetics for human use in Greece, where there is no legislation regulating their use. Jeanbio can now offer its customers CBD cosmetic products that are 100% legal.