Compliant with General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR stands for a General Data Protection Regulation that was implemented in April of 2018. GDPR has been designed to protect the personal data of all people within the European Union. The regulation is made up of a number of regulations which ensures that there are clear guidelines for organizations to follow when collecting, storing and manipulating data.

GDPR main points

GDPR has been designed to add protections for citizens in the European Union from things such as being inappropriately targeted with advertising, being unfairly discriminated against because of their age, ethnicity or nationality. Companies have been given strict guidelines on how to manage the data they collect about EU citizens, including "clear and precise notice about how an individual's personal data will be collected," a prohibition on buying personal information from third parties and a requirement to have their privacy settings active.

GDPR has been designed to try and keep data at a citizen's fingertips or in the case of a business, within their control. With GDPR citizens have a clear understanding of who is collecting what information about them and why they are doing so. Also with this regulation, businesses will ensure that they keep data secure, by leveraging a number of modern security measures.

GRPR circumvention

Is it true that GDPR is effective? Are businesses following the regulations, or are they finding methods around them to appear to be compliant but aren't? What is this window that appears when we visit a website, informing us that it uses cookies and needs our approval to do so? Why do we get bombarded with advertising from cellars and wine dealers after visiting a wine e-shop?

However, these techniques are not in line with the GDPR's purpose. Technically when you see the window asking your permission to use cookies, they are asking you to transfer on the harddrive of your machine little pieces of coded information so that they can gather information about you. These chunks of knowledge, after being handled in a magical way, are repackaged and... That's all there is to it; advertisements from different merchants on wine!

Jeanbio respects GDPR

As you may have noticed, we advocate full transparency about the natural components in our formulations on our website. This is our policy, our vision and our practice. And that's exactly how we follow GDPR regulations! No cookies, no "pixel" (Facebook's little anchor) no Google widgets! We believe that relations with our customers should not contain such suspicious practices. We just gather the data necessary to fulfill your orders and nothing more.. Also we do not send exhausting e-mails like so many others do. In fact, we do not even send emails on New Year's Eve, which is a popular holiday in the Western world owing to religious biases.

We also use an expensive hosting package to keep our servers safe and use the most modern security features available. We expect to update constantly our hosting infrastructure because that's how we can better serve you, dear customers! We respect your right to data protection and we will always do so throughout all of Jeanbio company procedures. Jean bio respects GDPR

Thanks for choosing Jean Bio!