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JeanBio launches a chatbot for personal skin care proposals

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Can a chatbot replace the recommendation of a beauty consultant for skin care products? This is the idea behind JeanBio, which is starting today on Facebook Messenger, a virtual consultant who aims to lead people through a series of questions to determine their skin type, and then make recommendations for products that they will buy.

“More than 90% of women do not know what they are doing on their faces or what they buy.” “And most of them do not read the labels when they buy something because they do not understand the chemicals printed on the labels.”

Everyone wishes to be safe, so most people have difficulty choosing the right products for their skin. It’s more than a try to finally see what works on us.

The solution to this problem is a constant pursuit of JeanBio’s team..

So using Facebook Messenger, users answer a series of questions. Questions allow the system to categorize the user as one of the different skin types and make very specific skin care recommendations.

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