The social impact of Healthy Skin

The concept of healthy skin is evaluated differently depending on the point of view we evaluate it. The media often presents us with ideal models that have perfect skin, whether it's natural or Photoshop-processed. These images, despite the striking appearance, create an ideal template that is often far from reality and affects our perception of what is healthy and beautiful.
In contrast to this modulated pattern, healthy skin is actually valued for the health and wellness it represents. A skin that reflects daily care, without the perfect treatment imparted with the filters of virtual reality, emits a sincere and natural beauty. This type of skin can have scars, some wrinkles, and even imperfections, but these features make it real and unique.

Natural skin beautyIt is also important to recognize the diversity of each person and their skin. The condition of the skin can be influenced by many factors, including genetic factors, diet, lifestyle and environment.
When we look around and recognize the diversity of our skin, we pave the way for acceptance and respect for beauty in all its forms. Such an approach can have a beneficial effect on society, creating an environment where each person feels accepted and appreciated for their unique beauty.
To conclude, an appreciation of healthy skin must stem from a deep understanding of the concept of Health and diversity. When we pursue our skin care based on health and wellness, we cultivate an attitude toward beauty that is empowering and socially beneficial.